Stichting Wageningen Research (WR) consists of a number of specialized institutes for applied research

in the domain of healthy food and living environment. Wageningen Research is a leading research

institute on ‘our green living environment’. WR offers a combination of practical, innovative and

interdisciplinary scientific research across many disciplines related to the green world and the

sustainable use of the living environment. The research institutes within the legal entity Stichting

Wageningen Research involved in this consortium are: Wageningen Environmental Research

(WENR) and Wageningen Plant Research (WPR).

WENR focusses on environmental aspects as soil, water, the atmosphere, the landscape and biodiversity

‒ and does research on a global scale as well as regionally until the scale of a farmers field. WPR

focusses both on strategic research and applied research in plant sciences from plant cell to crop. WPR

research is dealing both with crop production as well as its effect on its resources and the environment.

The teams of WENR and WPR involved in the consortium are specialized in agro-ecosystems, soil

research and climate change related to agriculture and crop production. Thanks to this sophisticated

combination of knowledge and experience, WR offers a unique and complementary range of

perspectives to the needs of the research community, policymakers, academia, industry, farmers,

government and the society.

Within FP5-7 and Horizon2020 of the EU and as well as in service and framework contracts to DG

Environment, DG AGRIC, DG-CLIMATE, DG ESTAT, WENR and WPR have been and continue to

be involved, either as coordinator or partner institution, in more than 200 projects, with a large share of

projects working on agriculture, soil threats, land use, water policy (drinking water, surface and


In this specific EJP, WR is strongly involved in WP1 management (co-lead, EJP sustainability task T1.4)

and WP2 Roadmap (lead), WP6 (Soil data harmonisation) and WP7 (synthesis).WR also expects to be

involved in WP3 through the calls for projects.


Janjo de Haan

  • janjo.dehaan@wur.nl

Wieke Vervuurt

  • wieke.vervuurt@wur.nl