Role of partner:

The University of Ljubljana (ULBF) takes part in the project through the Centre for Soil and Environmental Science (CSES), which belongs to the Biotechnical Faculty, Agronomy Dpt. CSES is leading group in the field of National Soil Surveys in Slovenia and has been responsible for Soil pollution assessment and Soil Quality monitoring. Research activities of CSES are focused on sustainable use of soils as natural resource, soil conservation, nutrient cycling and fertility, soil and land-use relations and bioremediation of contaminated soils. This has led to extensive field trials set up in order to study fertility issues, reduced (conservation) tillage, organic fertilizer management, biogas digestate use and composting processes. The obtained knowledge is disseminated to related stakeholders (advisors, farmers, other professionals working in the field) through workshops, symposiums and other public speaking events.

Tasks of partner:

ULBF will conduct national surveys of involved stakeholders (farmers, professionals, advisors and professional organizations) in relation to soil management. At the same time it will contribute with outcomes of previous and on-going projects on drivers and barriers for adoption of sustainable management practices at national scale.


dr. Rok Mihelič

  • rok.mihelic(AT)bf.uni-lj.si

Anton Govednik

  • anton.govednik(AT)bf.uni-lj.si