The University of Latvia, Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences is a leading academic and research institution in Latvia in geography, geology and environmental science.

Other relevant fields connected to the Institution’s research profile are: soil science, landscape ecology, biology, physics, chemistry, agriculture, forestry, demography, geomatics etc.

Faculty staff are involved as experts for the development of environmental monitoring system in line with national and European policy needs, international recommendations and guidelines; assessment of environmental quality and natural resources, also climatology and meteorology, providing consultations not only for sustainable use of earth and soil resources but also an important role in the environmental protection that is allocated for the society, including scientific and expert communities.

The University of Latvia has recently been involved in the following interdisciplinary research:

 Determination of the causes (political, economic, social, natural) of land-use and soil quality change;

 Characterization and assessment of the changes in the spatial structure of land-use and soil quality in


 Acquisition of new knowledge on natural landscape ecological succession and soil quality changes

in overgrowing former agricultural lands of different intensity of use;

 Knowledge generation on the impact of changes in land use on hydrological regimes of rivers and

the flux of substances in ecosystems;

 Assessment of the impact of changes in land use on biological diversity;

 Role of soil factors in the assessment of ecosystem services.


Dr. geogr. Raimonds Kasparinskis

  • raimonds.kasparinskis@lu.lv

Dr. geogr. Oļģerts Nikodemus

  • olgerts.nikodemus@lu.lv

Dr. geogr. Imants Kukuļs

  • imants.kukuls@lu.lv

Baiba Dirnēna

  • baiba.dirnena@lu.lv