The National Agricultural and Food Centre (NPPC) is a Slovak public organization and consists of seven research institutes. NPPC provides comprehensive research and gathering of knowledge on the sustainable land use and conservation of natural resources for plant breeding and animal husbandry, quality assurance, safety, innovation and the competitiveness of both food and non-food products of agricultural origin. The research is focused on assessment of soil properties under various farming systems and land use, impact of climate change on soil degradation processes, evaluation of soil ecosystem services under different farming systems on arable land and grassland as well. As a research institution we share our knowledge and expertise with agricultural practise. Moreover, we build close partnership at international level (H2020 projects BIOEAST, BIOSKOH, ECOBREED).


Dr. Miriam Kizeková

  • miriam.kizekova[AT]

Dr. Michal Sviček

  • michal.svicek[AT]

Dr. Roman Hašana

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