The CULS team is presented by the Department of Agricultural Machinery and the Department of Soil Science and Soil Protection. Both departments are focused on basic research as well as the development, implementation and validation of innovative technologies in primary agricultural production.They are intensively involved in the applications of elements of precision agriculture, SMART Farming and robotics in crop production. The Center for Precision Agriculture was established at the CULS, which is involved in the mentioned process, including educational and publishing activities, support for political decisions and advisory activities in the preparation of the research concept for resort of agricultural.Projects address the issue of supporting the effective use of the production potential of the landscape, while preserving and protecting natural resources and biodiversity. Many activities are based on the assumption of a gradual decline in the use of pesticides and industrial fertilizers. The principles are based on a deeper knowledge of biological relationships in plant production and subsequent use in the development of biotic intensification. Specifically, it is the use of targeted interventions, the potential of a combination of cultivated crops on one plot, elimination of erosion events and negative soil compaction, including technical implementation of individual cultivation interventions from sensors, data collection, evaluation and application.


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