AGES is a government owned agency with public mission and research organisation attached to the Federal Ministry for Health and to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism. Key responsibilities of AGES are food safety, agriculture and food security, nutrition, food quality and public health. AGES employs 1,400 staff at 5 main locations. The department for Soil Health and Plant Nutrition is responsible for soil and fertilizer analysis, soil monitoring and fertilisation tasks in the context of sustainable plant production. AGES - including its former organisations - conducts long-term field experiments to assess sustainable agricultural soil management practices since 1954.

AGES has contributed to several EU Projects, e.g. LANDMARK (Horizon 2020), AgriDemo-F2F (Horizon 2020), FATIMA (Horizon 2020), CATCH-C (FP7).


  • Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) -
  • Department for Soil Health and Plant Nutrition

Dr. Taru Sandén

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Dr. Heide Spiegel